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What is the difference between stuffed toy manufacturers using down cotton and pp cotton? 2019-11-27 18:42:44

When stuffed toy factories produce stuffed toys, they use a wide variety of filling materials. The difference in stuffed stuffed toys also affects the softness, elasticity, uniformity, etc. of the toy itself and the feel and comfort of the consumer during use. In fact, a good plush toy removes the attractive appearance and shape, and its internal filling is "real" because the filling determines the consumer's comfort during use, so everyone is buying plush When looking at toys, be sure to look at what the inner filling is. There are a lot of padding on the market now, mainly foam, sponge, canopy cotton, PP cotton (three-dimensional cotton), down cotton and so on. What is the difference between stuffed toy manufacturers using down cotton and pp cotton?


Down cotton: It is made from ultra-fine fibers of different specifications through a special process. Because it is down-like, it is called down cotton, and most of it is called silk cotton or hollow cotton. Its advantages are high fiber density, fine feel, softness, It has good thermal insulation and is not easy to be deformed. Its thermal insulation performance is more than the same weight of down.

PP cotton: It is a man-made chemical fiber made of polypropylene fiber. The cotton has good elasticity, high bulkiness, beautiful shape, not afraid of extrusion, easy to wash, and quick-drying. Wide applicability. Its advantages are resistance to squeezing and easy cleaning.

Plush toy manufacturers have their own advantages in using down cotton and pp cotton, which can be selected according to the purpose at the time of purchase.


Everyone knows the difference between plush cotton and pp cotton in the plush toy manufacturers. When buying plush toys, in addition to the appearance, you also know the stuffing, and you will buy the best plush toys that are both comfortable and beautiful. We are a plush toy manufacturer with more than ten years of professional experience in export and production of plush toys, and our credibility can be guaranteed. Secondly, we are a regular plush toy manufacturer with quality and after-sales guarantee. The quality and service can stand the test of users.

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