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Plush Toy 2019-11-20 22:43:19

1. Enhance emotional cognition The shape, color, temperature, material and sound of the toy can give the child an intuitive feeling. It not only gives the child an emotional cognition, but also consolidates the child's impression of life.

2, exercise coordination ability Different toys have different ways of playing, in general, it can exercise your baby's physical ability. For example, a plush toy can exercise your baby's grip ability well.

3, contribute to brain development Nowadays, many toys are designed and manufactured more and more in the direction of specialization. There are puzzles, which are purely entertaining. Here, those puzzle toys have Help the development of the baby's right brain.

4, exercise language ability Some anthropomorphic rag dolls can play the baby's partner, in normal life, we are not difficult to find that the baby has a dialogue with the toy. And this kind of dialogue can just make your baby's language ability exercise.

 5, the formation of a good character toys can train the health of the baby's character. Most of the babies who often play with toys are more cheerful. They always find fun in a variety of toys, and it is easy to develop a positive attitude towards life.

6, can cultivate the spirit of cooperation Some toy games need children together, or with the adults to complete, the children work together, coordination, and work together to be happy. In this process, you can effectively exercise your child's cooperative spirit.

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